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Director flow chart infographic

We’ve just received this great infographic that details what type of movie director you are/could be. The infographic will ask you questions to do with which genre you would do or which actor you would like to work… Read More

How To Discourage Amateur Wedding Photography

Aedding is a wonderful event. Every couple dreams for their wedding to be as perfect as possible. However, it is hard to have a perfect wedding since the event could be chaotic in a good way. A lot… Read More

Tips on Planning a Photoshoot

Anyone can take a photograph. But there are some distinct items, which highlight the difference between an amateur, and a commercial photographer cardiff‘s work. But, it’s not difficult to create a professional looking photograph. And this doesn’t mean… Read More

How to Take Pictures of Wedding Rings for Your Website/Blog

I invited Gary from platinum wedding rings to write a post, love it Gary! Thanks. Wedding rings are the most important things to consider if you are already decided to get married. Aside from the factors that you… Read More