Turn Digital Into Analog With A Photo Booth

Who isn’t into these entire social media platform obsession these days? Everyone is, it’s not even an exaggeration to say that even dogs have social media accounts now.That’s how techy everyone is becoming, and it seems like there’s nothing that will slow down or stop these modernisation that is becoming a way of life for some.

While innovation is always a good thing, sometimes in the middle of this digital frenzy, converting your digital pictures into analog can be both breath of fresh air and warm familiarity of the old ways.

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that many people use. Knowing how much we love taking pictures of anything and everything, it isn’t exactly a surprise that Instagram have become a part of everyday routine.

We practically wake up, eat, breathe, work, and sleep with it. What’s more enticing with this is that it has effects that will let us edit, tweak, or modify our pictures so they look more pleasing. It’s the result of the altered photo that makes this habit hard to break. That said, still you’re probably still thinking if you could do something new with it right?

How about you pick out all your best shots or take new ones that you really feel will go well when you turn them into photo booth strips. Photo booth strips have always felt nostalgic yet refreshing when you start look through each shot and remember how the exact memory took place. It sort of feel like watching a movie back in the day when they were still using film reels.

Wanna give it a shot? Go ahead! It would be like getting into a new hobby or a DIY project that combines yesterday and today’s way of capturing memories. Sometimes it’s also nice to think that past memories are more tangible when you have hard copies of them, rather than just browsing them to your social media accounts.

I could still recall how crazy people can get once they’re inside a London photo booth! and then they will come out with photo strips then stick those strips to their bathroom mirrors. Others will make an entire photo album out of their photo booth strips that they have accumulated. This time, it will be your instagram shots turned into photo booth strips that you surely will have fun getting your hands busy with.

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