How To Discourage Amateur Wedding Photography

cameramanAedding is a wonderful event. Every couple dreams for their wedding to be as perfect as possible. However, it is hard to have a perfect wedding since the event could be chaotic in a good way. A lot of guests would take photographs in order to capture the amazing celebration, mostly of the bride and groom and sometimes even the 9 carat wedding rings themselves. Though it is not bad, professional photographers would often frown as amateur photographers get in their way of wedding photography. Even wedding coordinators get anxious when it comes to amateur photographers. Though such actions can make the couple frown, these guests are important to the couple which make it hard for them to deny the opportunity. However, with efficient ways, it is possible to discourage amateur wedding photography nicely.

  1. Shift the responsibility to a wedding coordinator – When your friend or relative inform you that they will take a lot of pictures for your wedding, a great rebuke would be to tell them that you need to ask permission from the wedding coordinator. They might not like the idea but they will shift their displeasure to your wedding coordinator which wedding coordinators are more than happy to receive if it increases the chance of a perfect wedding.
  2. Inform them that you hired a professional wedding photographer and if you are, ensure they have been DBS or CRB checked.– Even before your guests volunteer to becoming your wedding photographer, you can inform them that you hire a professional wedding photographer. This will make them less inclined to volunteer in covering the whole wedding as they know the quality of wedding photography of a professional is way better. If it cannot stop them completely from taking photographs, it will decrease the amount of pictures they will take during the wedding.
  3. Make it a request instead of a command – You can make a request to your guests of leaving the wedding photography to the professionals instead of giving a command. The guests will receive the message that you prefer for a professional to handle the wedding photography without hurting their feelings.
  4. Use polite words – Even a negative statement can be acceptable when polite words are used. This will let the guests feel that you treat them with respect and value their opinion.
  5. Speak with a soft and sincere voice – Speaking in a soft and sincere manner can pacify even an anger  person. It is even more effective when making a request to your guests of letting the professional photographers handle your wedding.

Techniques like positive framing as well as letting your guests take photographs without too many restrictions on the actual wedding day are also a great way to handle amateur wedding photographers nicely.


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