Tips on Planning a Photoshoot

HDR-photography1Anyone can take a photograph. But there are some distinct items, which highlight the difference between an amateur, and a commercial photographer cardiff‘s work. But, it’s not difficult to create a professional looking photograph. And this doesn’t mean you have to fork out tonnes of money to achieve a great result!

  • Perhaps the most important element in forming a professional photoshoot is planning the concept. The basic concept is where the theme of a photoshoot and therefore the theme of your photographs will come from. Ideas come and go in a matter of seconds, so it is important to note down any ideas that could potentially create stunning photographs. You can keep a note on paper or even on a mobile phone, because every idea has the potential to be amazing!
  • Location is very important in photography. If taking photographs of people, choose a good background for them. If taking nature photographs, choose a beautiful location. However, ensure that you are legally allowed on the premises and are able to capture photographs there.
  • Equipment is not necessary when taking photographs, but can provide extra detail that is much needed to your shoot. You could use natural sunlight as lighting, or could purchase equipment to focus lighting more specifically. Small elements make all the difference in photography. The positioning of lighting is one of these elements having a drastic impact on how a photograph looks. Yet you can use basic household lighting devices such as lamps to get a professional looking photograph.
  • If hiring a model, they must suit the concept of your project. An experienced model is preferred over an inexperienced one, because they know what to do. They understand how to behave in front of a camera and how to interact with both the camera and the photography team. Unfortunately, a professional model is not cheap. Make sure that you engage the model, even if they are not currently being photographed. Interact with them and make them feel included as a part of the crew. If you can’t afford a model, you could ask a friend or family member to participate for you. They may be persuaded to do it if you pay for a make over, including a London male waxing session to get them ready for their photos.
  • Speaking of the crew, they are a vital part to a successful photoshoot. A crew can be as large or as small as you desire, each individual with their own role and contributing something different to the project. If the crew is large it may be a good idea to get a London coach hire from May Day Travel. Lighting, make-up artist, costume, hairstylist – none of these individuals need to be professionals in their field, but many hands make light work!

You do not need expensive and high quality equipment or staff to create a professional end product. Makeshift items can still provide you with a fantastic final product.

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