Director flow chart infographic

We’ve just received this great infographic that details what type of movie director you are/could be. The infographic will ask you questions to do with which genre you would do or which actor you would like to work with the most. The infographic shows you a flow chart on which director you are, this infographic includes directors such as Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and Seth Macfarlane. Please see the infographic from Makefilms to see which movie director you are.

How To Discourage Amateur Wedding Photography

cameramanAedding is a wonderful event. Every couple dreams for their wedding to be as perfect as possible. However, it is hard to have a perfect wedding since the event could be chaotic in a good way. A lot of guests would take photographs in order to capture the amazing celebration, mostly of the bride and groom and sometimes even the 9 carat wedding rings themselves. Though it is not bad, professional photographers would often frown as amateur photographers get in their way of wedding photography. Even wedding coordinators get anxious when it comes to amateur photographers. Though such actions can make the couple frown, these guests are important to the couple which make it hard for them to deny the opportunity. However, with efficient ways, it is possible to discourage amateur wedding photography nicely.

  1. Shift the responsibility to a wedding coordinator – When your friend or relative inform you that they will take a lot of pictures for your wedding, a great rebuke would be to tell them that you need to ask permission from the wedding coordinator. They might not like the idea but they will shift their displeasure to your wedding coordinator which wedding coordinators are more than happy to receive if it increases the chance of a perfect wedding.
  2. Inform them that you hired a professional wedding photographer and if you are, ensure they have been DBS or CRB checked.– Even before your guests volunteer to becoming your wedding photographer, you can inform them that you hire a professional wedding photographer. This will make them less inclined to volunteer in covering the whole wedding as they know the quality of wedding photography of a professional is way better. If it cannot stop them completely from taking photographs, it will decrease the amount of pictures they will take during the wedding.
  3. Make it a request instead of a command – You can make a request to your guests of leaving the wedding photography to the professionals instead of giving a command. The guests will receive the message that you prefer for a professional to handle the wedding photography without hurting their feelings.
  4. Use polite words – Even a negative statement can be acceptable when polite words are used. This will let the guests feel that you treat them with respect and value their opinion.
  5. Speak with a soft and sincere voice – Speaking in a soft and sincere manner can pacify even an anger  person. It is even more effective when making a request to your guests of letting the professional photographers handle your wedding.

Techniques like positive framing as well as letting your guests take photographs without too many restrictions on the actual wedding day are also a great way to handle amateur wedding photographers nicely.


Tips on Planning a Photoshoot

HDR-photography1Anyone can take a photograph. But there are some distinct items, which highlight the difference between an amateur, and a commercial photographer cardiff‘s work. But, it’s not difficult to create a professional looking photograph. And this doesn’t mean you have to fork out tonnes of money to achieve a great result!

  • Perhaps the most important element in forming a professional photoshoot is planning the concept. The basic concept is where the theme of a photoshoot and therefore the theme of your photographs will come from. Ideas come and go in a matter of seconds, so it is important to note down any ideas that could potentially create stunning photographs. You can keep a note on paper or even on a mobile phone, because every idea has the potential to be amazing!
  • Location is very important in photography. If taking photographs of people, choose a good background for them. If taking nature photographs, choose a beautiful location. However, ensure that you are legally allowed on the premises and are able to capture photographs there.
  • Equipment is not necessary when taking photographs, but can provide extra detail that is much needed to your shoot. You could use natural sunlight as lighting, or could purchase equipment to focus lighting more specifically. Small elements make all the difference in photography. The positioning of lighting is one of these elements having a drastic impact on how a photograph looks. Yet you can use basic household lighting devices such as lamps to get a professional looking photograph.
  • If hiring a model, they must suit the concept of your project. An experienced model is preferred over an inexperienced one, because they know what to do. They understand how to behave in front of a camera and how to interact with both the camera and the photography team. Unfortunately, a professional model is not cheap. Make sure that you engage the model, even if they are not currently being photographed. Interact with them and make them feel included as a part of the crew. If you can’t afford a model, you could ask a friend or family member to participate for you. They may be persuaded to do it if you pay for a make over, including a London male waxing session to get them ready for their photos.
  • Speaking of the crew, they are a vital part to a successful photoshoot. A crew can be as large or as small as you desire, each individual with their own role and contributing something different to the project. If the crew is large it may be a good idea to get a London coach hire from May Day Travel. Lighting, make-up artist, costume, hairstylist – none of these individuals need to be professionals in their field, but many hands make light work!

You do not need expensive and high quality equipment or staff to create a professional end product. Makeshift items can still provide you with a fantastic final product.

Turn Digital Into Analog With A Photo Booth

Who isn’t into these entire social media platform obsession these days? Everyone is, it’s not even an exaggeration to say that even dogs have social media accounts now.That’s how techy everyone is becoming, and it seems like there’s nothing that will slow down or stop these modernisation that is becoming a way of life for some.

While innovation is always a good thing, sometimes in the middle of this digital frenzy, converting your digital pictures into analog can be both breath of fresh air and warm familiarity of the old ways.

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that many people use. Knowing how much we love taking pictures of anything and everything, it isn’t exactly a surprise that Instagram have become a part of everyday routine.

We practically wake up, eat, breathe, work, and sleep with it. What’s more enticing with this is that it has effects that will let us edit, tweak, or modify our pictures so they look more pleasing. It’s the result of the altered photo that makes this habit hard to break. That said, still you’re probably still thinking if you could do something new with it right?

How about you pick out all your best shots or take new ones that you really feel will go well when you turn them into photo booth strips. Photo booth strips have always felt nostalgic yet refreshing when you start look through each shot and remember how the exact memory took place. It sort of feel like watching a movie back in the day when they were still using film reels.

Wanna give it a shot? Go ahead! It would be like getting into a new hobby or a DIY project that combines yesterday and today’s way of capturing memories. Sometimes it’s also nice to think that past memories are more tangible when you have hard copies of them, rather than just browsing them to your social media accounts.

I could still recall how crazy people can get once they’re inside a London photo booth! and then they will come out with photo strips then stick those strips to their bathroom mirrors. Others will make an entire photo album out of their photo booth strips that they have accumulated. This time, it will be your instagram shots turned into photo booth strips that you surely will have fun getting your hands busy with.

How to Take Pictures of Wedding Rings for Your Website/Blog

I invited Gary from platinum wedding rings to write a post, love it Gary! Thanks.

Wedding rings are the most important things to consider if you are already decided to get married. Aside from the factors that you need to consider in buying a perfect fit both for you and your partner, you would also want to know the views and opinions of all the important people around you. With this being said, you would like to take pictures or snapshots of the wedding rings that had captured your hearts and would want to share it to the world by means of social networking sites. If you are into blogging, this would be a great opportunity for you to focus on so that you can be able to help others in finding their dream wedding rings.

Nowadays, it is much easier for you to take a good shot of the precious things that you rarely see and this includes the shining, shimmering and glittery wedding rings that you can see in jewellery stores. You can easily take a photo of anything with the help of your smartphone or a high-end camera anytime, anywhere. It is also easy for you to share it through social media, with just a click away, good internet connection and you’re good to go. Also, some of the most artistic designs for wedding rings that we have in the market can be seen in a wedding magazines and you would appreciate how the photographer has captured every bits and pieces in that photo.

So how can you get such glorious photos that you can’t take your eyes off of it? You don’t need to be a pro in photography to make this happen, you just need to consider the following in taking wedding ring pictures:

  • You need a camera. Smartphones are now equipped with high resolution settings so you don’t need to worry about buying an SLR just to take photos. If you have a high-end camera such as SLR, it would be much better. This would make you look like a pro even if you’re not.
  • Adjust the settings. This is an important thing to consider in taking photos as this would relive the captured moments as if you’re just seeing for the first time and the viewer would also feel the same way. Right setting means perfect shot.
  • Look for your perfect wedding ring designs. Make friends with some jewellers so you can get a photo of your chosen designs. You can even ask some of your friends to wear it for the photo shoot.
  • Gather all your married friends and take a photo of them wearing their wedding rings. You would be appreciated for this rare moment as this could be a better way to reminisce the emotions they had when they first wear their rings.
  • When everything is set, take a shot. Not just one but as many as you can get so you could choose which one is the best at the end of the day.

Once you have accomplished all these, you can now smile while thinking of the captions that you would include on the wedding ring photos when you’re wrapping up your blog. Be ready with the compliments but beware of the bashers as well.